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Family Law


It is probably safe to say that when you started the relationship in question, you were not thinking it would wind up bringing you to court. But, sometimes, bad things happen to good people.
Whether you were married for 30 years, or if you had a child but never married, I can help guide you through the courts of southern Maine as you seek to begin a new chapter in your life.
Criminal Defense


Because sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

Let's face it, it could happen to any of us. Driving home one day, or walking through the corridors of the Maine Mall. You could be accused of a crime and truth be told, it does not matter if you are innocent. Unless you are simply going to stand there and plead guilty, you need to have an attorney by your side fighting to make sure you get the best result possible.

Power of Attorney,
Advanced Directive


Life's only certainty is its end.

That we are all going to pass is a truth we cannot argue with. It is never too early to make sure your affairs are in order so that your loved ones are not left dealing with that additional stress if something were to happen to you. Beyond the gruesome discussion of death, it is wise to update your will and other important documents when a marriage begins or ends, a child is born, or if you are looking at 5 to 7 years for something you didn't do.

This is just a quick snap shot of the type of work I do, if you have questions please send me an email or call.
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