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Here's me:

After graduating, with honors, from Maine Maritime Academy I enjoyed a brief five year career sailing as an engineer aboard multiple ships for Military Sealift Command. A growing family brought me home so I transferred my skills to an operating engineering position at a local shore-side powerplant. Well, that powerplant was shut down. All of my coworkers found employment in our field, many within driving distance of their homes, but I went in a different path. I decided to go to law school. A few short years later I graduated from Maine Law, again with honors, and I have been practicing in southern Maine ever since.

I have lived in Maine for more than 35 years and been a large partner in the efforts to raise four stunning children here during that time.



Five years as a merchant marine-
It might not seem like a long time to be a sailor, but I have a few sea stories. I have been a few places and seen a few things. I have worked on some incredible equipment with some very smart people. But, I digress. You are not visiting this website to listen to an old sailor talk about his days as a snipe.
During law school I spent a year working as a student attorney in the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic where I had the pleasure of working with some great seasoned attorneys.
Following law school I accepted a fellowship position the Maine Community Law Center (MCLC), Maine's first legal incubator. MCLC aims to serve Mainers of modest means. They are attempting to serve the people who make too much money to get the free legal services of the other providers in the state, but don't make enough to be able to afford the going rates charged by most local attorneys. Helping to bridge the justice gap we find for people who do not have extra money for expensive legal fees is a theme I will carry with me throughout my career.
Above all- life.
University of Maine School of Law



​While in law school I earned the pro bono certificate for service to the under served, graduated with honors and was awarded the Cali Award of Excellence for my efforts while at the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic.



Maine Maritime Academy

Engineering '01


Looking back on it through rose colored glasses- my time at MMA was a large factor in creating ​the person I see in the mirror everyday. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Hard work. Dedication. Loyalty. Attention to detail.

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